Accommodation and Various Regulations

Concerning your attendance at the ORBICOM Symposium May 4-6, please note that the symposium is covering the hotel room for the first 30 presenters from May 3-6 (3 nights). You will however need to book your room under your name directly with the hotel at: Select your check in and check out dates, and include our promotion code:  ORBICOM.  Please click: ‘Book Now’ and make your full reservation. While those three nights will appear on your hotel reservation, they will be charged to the Organizing Committee.


In addition, as some of you have expressed their intention to arrive earlier or leave later, we have secured a promotion code for your stay at the Century Park Jakarta Hotel.Similarly, if you have confirmed your participation to the May 7 day cultural visits, you will also need to add and book online one night to your hotel booking (as the night of May 6th is not covered by our Committee). That night will be charged to you at the end of your stay.

For ORBICOM members, who are asked to present a paper, will be offered a hotel room. However, please understand that co-authors ofaccepted papersprobably need to share a room, in order to benefit as many paper presenters as possible and as the number of free rooms is limited. Shouldthree co-authors present a joint paper, an extra bed (provided roomshave 2 twin-beds)can be added in the room but will be charged to you. The Jakarta Organizing Committee will however be more than happy to cover the cost of meals and refreshments for all-attending the symposium.

In order for you to participate you do need to register for the conference. Visit our registration website at Please scroll down and click on Register. This is also the platform where you will send your paper for presentation. 

You will need a visa to enter Indonesia. Please inquire in your country beforehand as regulations vary. For complete information please contact the indonesian embassy of your country of citizenship.

When you land at the Soekarno-Hatta airport, take a Blue Bird or Silver Bird (more expensive) taxi to the Century Park Hotel, JalanSudirman. The ride is about 45 minutes outside of rush hours.

Should you be travelling as a group, please let us know ahead of time for us to make arrangements.


2 thoughts on “Accommodation and Various Regulations

  1. Mun Cho Kim

    Hi, I am going to stay in Central Park Hotel, Jakarta
    for three nights starting from May 3.
    I reserved a deluxe room as as an ORBICOM-2017 member.
    My reservation number is, KimT9c4cne78UNII.
    However, I have to concel the reservation by now.
    It will be appreciated if you conform it for me.


    Mun Cho Kim

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